Writing for Whole Woman What you need to know

Writing for Whole Woman What you need to know


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So you're thinking about writing for Whole Woman! That is great as we are always on the lookout for writers who can bring interesting concepts to our readers.

Here are some things you need to know.

Article Ideas - what to write about

Like with other ezines and magazines, the best way to get an idea of what articles we would love to publish is to simply, read Whole Woman!

The following topics are always welcome;

  • Breastfeeding - Let's talk politics, tips, struggles, journeys, evidence, benefits, and all things boob!

  • Birth - all sorts of angles and approaches welcome, keeping in mind we are a feminist magazine that advocates for, and supports women's rights to bodily integrity, evidence based information, and decision making autonomy free of coercion.

  • Intactivism (this is about genital integrity for both boys and girls and choosing to not circumcise based on evidence)

  • Life journeys - particularly motherhood. Women's journeys are a favourite of ours, we love hearing about your unique experiences whether they be about joy, grief or life lessons.

  • Education - We are keen on homeschooling, but any well written article discussing education would be of interest to us. Unschooling has a special place in our hearts :) (hint hint!)

  • Parenting - the hardest job there ever will be. What works one day doesn't the next, and ain't that the story of our lives as parents. Share your parenting tips, observations, thoughts and whatnot with the rest of us. As we value body integrity and non-violence, please keep this in mind when writing on the topic of discipline.

  • Feminism - oh f* yeah! We'll take anything you have on feminist thought, philosophy, theory, social critique, subvert sexism, gender roles etc. We'll even take bomb the patriarchy articles cos we're totally down with that :)

  • Odd bits and pieces - Cos we are quirky and we'll consider just about anything! If you aren't sure, drop us a message on Facebook and ask us (or ask here in our forum if you are already a registered writer).

  • Article Submissions - our requirements of you

    We're pretty friendly and we don't bite. So don't be worried if you're not sure about your writing skill. We want to hear from YOU. We are interested in your voice. Just pick up the finger and type and tell us all about it.

    If you specifically want extra help to improve your writing and articles, just post a comment to the editors with your article and ask.

    We do have strict rules about originality. Your writing must be your own original work, and not published anywhere else.

    A minimum of one photo must be submitted with your article. This photo needs to be your original work. If you use a free open commons photo, you need to credit it to its source.

    We also require that you go to the effort to promote your own articles (and share articles of other writers where relevant). This is good for both of us! The more readers to your article, the more you get paid! The more readers to Whole Woman, the more that our pot at the end of our rainbow grows - and this is given back to you, the writers via competitions!


    We run competitions regularly. We will post details of competitions on our Facebook page, group, and on the Hubgarden forum as well as the Whole Woman forum here. Don't be shy and give it a shot. Join in the fun and make some money while you're doing it!


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