Why Australia NEEDS a maternity care revolution

Why Australia NEEDS a maternity care revolution


Posted 2014-09-24 by lizzifollow
Maternity care in Australia is at a crisis. Women are lacking choice and autonomy. I recently wrote an article about choosing your care provider . Which led to an article about the illusion of choice in maternity care in Australia . Which led to an article about ways to manage birthing with an unsupportive care provider . Which, along with a few other recent conversations and events, led to this. It’s becoming increasing difficult to maintain hope of a brighter future for our daughters. What we need now is a revolution.

Thank you so much to the women who inspired this article and are fighting for the cause in a million different ways. Helping to improve maternity care in Australia– one woman, one baby and one birth at a time.


  • The AMA position on maternal decision making is being ignored by care providers

  • Women have a right to choose how, where and with whom they birth their babies and women are being denied this right on a daily basis

  • Homebirth with a midwife, a choice increasingly being denied to Australian women, Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

  • I read new stories of obstetric violence and birth rape EVERY SINGLE DAY

  • Women are often left asking “what the fuck happened?” and “was that really necessary?” after their births

  • Midwives are increasingly being forced to be “with obstetrician”, “With CTG machine” and “with hospital policy” rather than where they belong “With woman”

  • The CTG monitor that midwives are increasing required to be with, Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

  • “The system” should be serving women…not the other way around

  • I shouldn’t need to write an article about how to birth with an unsupportive care provider, because unsupportive care providers shouldn’t bloody exist!

  • No woman should ever be subject to manipulation, coercion and bullying during their pregnancy and birthing journey

  • Our system needs to start recognising who is best able to make decisions for a woman and her baby – THE WOMAN!

  • Men are not at risk from interventions and caesareans, yet they feel it is fine to put women at risk – patriarchy at work!

  • Women deserve to FEEL safe while bringing their babies into the world

  • Women deserve evidence based information and care

  • “Time is up” is NOT an adequate reason for a caesarean

  • Caesarean Surgery, Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

  • For the first time mums – who are yet to learn how the system works against normal birth

  • No woman should ever feel ashamed of her birthing journey

  • There is so much private grief – grief for births that were stolen, precious moments that will never be recovered and stories that can not be shared for fear of our grief being invalidated

  • Birth should not be treated as an emergency unless it actually is one

  • “Mother and baby not dead” is a pretty low standard for birthing outcomes

  • Hospitals are more interested in building confident and powerful obstetricians than confident and powerful mothers

  • Obstetrician, image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

  • Hospitals will make vexatious reports against midwives who support women in their informed choices but will brush aside women’s reports of bullying, coercion and assault

  • I want my daughter to be able to look forward to her pregnancy and birthing journey with hope and excitement not fear and mistrust

  • Mandatory surgery policies are a human rights violation and poor medical practice

  • I think it’s wrong for someone I’ve never met to proclaim that they care more about my family than I do

  • I am capable of making fully informed decisions in the best interests of my family

  • Women believe it’s normal to be violated during birth

  • Birth should be about women and their babies, not hospitals and their policies

  • No-one is outraged about the injustices and violations pregnant women are facing

  • The biggest reason we need a revolution is because improving the pregnancy and birthing journey and outcomes for women is even considered revolutionary! Pregnant women are human beings – this should not be a revolutionary concept!

    We need a revolution in maternity care in Australia because WOMEN AND BABIES DESERVE BETTER

    Why do you believe we need a revolution? And how are you contributing to the cause?

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