Tips for Better Article Design Visibility

Tips for Better Article Design Visibility


Posted 2015-01-29 by Lisa Morganfollow
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Reading on the web is different to reading in other mediums such as print magazines. This is something to keep in mind if you want readers of Whole Woman's ezine to get it through long articles you've written.

Here are some tips for how you can make it easier for readers to read your work.

1. Keep paragraphs short and concise. If you read back on your articles and see a large blocky paragraph, edit it or make it into two paragraphs. Readers can forgive a couple of them but too many slows online readers down.

2. Highlight key points. Like I have done here. Use bold or italic formatting for subheaders and lists. Use bullets for lists. Use lists where appropriate.

3. Pay attention to white space. Keep your white space gaps uniform. Don't have double lines under one image and then a single line under the next image. Check your article over and pay attention to this one before submitting.

4. Use images and graphics. Eye candy is vital! And I don't just mean the sexist bulging pecs or boob cleavage kind. Any visual diagrams, or relevant photos you use will add to your article's visibility and readability.

5. Read over your own article. Always read over your work once you have entered in your article and attached your images. Scan it and make sure your important points haven't been lost in too much writing. Get fresh eyes on it too - don't be afraid to ask an editor for feedback.

6. Check the advert blocks. If the automatic advertisement block makes your images or writing next to it look funny, re-arrange white space, images or adjust paragraphs so it looks better. Most writers forget to check for this one!

7. Think about the titles you give your articles. Good descriptive titles will draw in more readers than a boring or nondescript title.

Give it a go and see if any of this helps. If you have further suggestions to share with the rest of us, well you know where the comment box is!


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