Think Twice Before Medicating Your Children

Think Twice Before Medicating Your Children


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There was a segment on The Project recently which revealed an alarming rise in the medication of children, with particular regard to anti-depressants. A comment was made which alluded to the fact that a parents natural inclination is to do whatever their doctor suggests, but this does not have to be the case.

Yes there are certain situations where medicating a child is essential, but there are many where medication may not be the best option, and there are other options available. Options that are natural, curative, and do not have the negative long term health effects that pharmaceuticals may have.

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It's important that parents realise they are in total control of their children's health, not their doctor. Doctors do the best job they can, and they readily prescribe medication because that's what they were taught to do, they received a scientific and biomedical education which promotes the use of medications to treat symptoms and body parts in isolation.

Often a more holistic and natural approach is of greater benefit to children and their long term health and wellness. Once medication begins, it can be incredibly difficult to get off that medication, and the 'side' effects can often lead to the need for further different medications (keep in mind that technically there is no such thing as 'side effects,' there are only effects - drugs are designed to elicit an effect in the body - side effects is just the name given to those effects they didn't see coming or couldn't control). The longer one can delay jumping on the medication cycle, the better.

When faced with your child's next health crisis, consult your doctor, consult a natural health care professional, and make an educated decision once you have acquired all the relevant information. If you want the best for your children, then as a parent, the power ultimately needs to be yours, and it's up to you to take it rather than leave it in the hands of others.


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