Things that you really need to stop asking or telling a pregnant woman

Things that you really need to stop asking or telling a pregnant woman


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Pregnancy is a wonderful experience. Every woman tries her best to do good for herself and her unborn baby. But sometimes, some uninvited advice and comments can bring down her morale and enthusiasm. Here are just a few things that can easily offend a pregnant woman.

Don't ask her how much weight has she put on during pregnancy. She does not need your opinion on if it’s less or more than expected. You are not a doctor and if she needs any advice on it, she can talk to a professional.

Don’t tell her if she is too young or too old to have a baby unless she is a teenager and you are her concerned parent. If she is an adult, she can make her own decisions.

Don’t ask her if the baby was planned unless she shares something herself. This is a very personal question which can only make her uncomfortable.

Don’t tell her that it will get worse when the baby is here. As soon as one sees a pregnant lady, they like to jump on their parenting wagon and tell them their worse stories ever about birth and parenting. Every pregnancy and baby is different. Let them have their own experience. Sharing information and sharing your horror stories are two different things.

Don’t ask her about her relationship status. Sad, but true that a lot of women go through the worst in their relationships as soon as they get pregnant. I am sure they don’t want to open up with everyone about it.

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If a pregnant woman talks about her prenatal yoga class, don't bring her down. The previous generation needs to stop telling her how they didn’t need it 40 years ago because they did a lot of house chores. Doing house chores does not have to be her fitness regime. She deserves some time for herself to relax and take care of herself.

Everyone likes to be informed these days. This is also because there are options to do so. A pregnant woman may join a birthing class, involves her partner for support throughout the pregnancy and delivery, or hire a doula. Don't mock her or criticize her decisions. This is her journey and it is not about you.

Don't ask or question her breastfeeding decisions. Everyone has their own reasons and way of doing things. There is nothing right or wrong. Let the mother make her own decisions.

Don't question her baby shopping decisions. She has the right to be excited and buy things for her baby. Even if it is hard on her budget, it is a discussion between her and her partner. A pregnant woman spends a lot of time and emotion trying to find things that she loves for her baby. It is also a bonding time between her and her partner. Do not steal her joy away.

Don’t make comments about her changing body. For some women, it is really difficult to achieve a positive body image during pregnancy. She needs to be surrounded with positivity right now and after delivery. A female body goes through a lot during this time and needs all the support she can use to stay positive.

Do tell her that she is doing an amazing job.Tell her that she looks beautiful. Encourage her to make her own decisions and stay strong. Respect her space and privacy. It is her journey, let her choose what works best for her and her baby.


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