The Dental Scam Why You Should Always Question Your Childs Dentist

The Dental Scam Why You Should Always Question Your Childs Dentist


Posted 2014-11-22 by Clare DeVillefollow
Let me begin by sharing a personal story: Some thirty years ago when I was at primary school, a mobile dental van would visit the school once or twice a year – as they still do now. Over my schooling period I was given a total of eight mercury amalgam fillings despite having no actual problems with my teeth – they seemed to give fillings out like candy!

Over the last couple of years I have been able to make a definitive link between those mercury fillings leeching mercury vapour into my body, and several chronic health problems. Despite a lack of scientific evidence proving that mercury from fillings is harmful, any natural health professional will show you clinical evidence to the contrary. And here is a great article from a holistic dentist explaining the effects of mercury. No matter which way you look at it, mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal – why on earth would anyone take the risk of putting it in their mouths?

So I set about having them removed and visited a dentist for the first time in twenty five years (I had a horrendous experience with braces as a teenager and hadn’t been to a dentist since – fortunately I’ve never had any problems so haven’t had to). I asked him if rather than replace the fillings, could he simply remove them? As I doubted they were necessary in the first place. Here’s what he told me:

1. I was right, the fillings were purely preventative i.e. not necessary!

2. He had to replace them, because when fillings are preventative, there is no damage or actual hole there, so the dentist must cut a hole in your tooth to put the filling into!

3. He confirmed that the mercury fillings I had were indeed breaking down – which means I had been chronically ingesting mercury for years.

I was outraged, to put it mildly! Not only had I been given fillings for no other reason than to line someone’s pocket – but over time, those completely superfluous fillings started breaking down, and slowly but surely poisoned me, causing untold damage to my body and health.

The moral of the story: when it comes to your child’s health – oral or otherwise - be an informed parent that is able to make informed decisions in the best interest of your child. Do not blindly follow the advice of any health professional; ask questions, get a second opinion, and trust your instincts!


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