Saving The Planet and Your Money This Christmas

Saving The Planet and Your Money This Christmas


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Over the past few decades Christmas has been increasingly hijacked by capitalism and people often feel obligated to spend more money than they have on everything from gifts to decorations and holidays. This way of celebrating detracts from the things that should be most important to us at this time of year, family and friends. This year, why not consider turning the focus onto your family and the earth, not spending more than you have, and if you do want to give gifts, make them gifts that won’t be landfill when your great great grandchildren have inherited the earth!

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Revamp the Kris Kringle
Each participant then places between $5 and $10 into a box - agreeing on the amount beforehand. Choose names just as you would in a regular Chris Cringle then follow the instructions below.

The Second Hand Kris Kringle
Everybody goes to their local second hand store and buys the best gift they can find for $5. When each of the gifts are given out, everybody votes on the most creative, best find of all the gifts. The person who gave the winning gift gets the booty but there’s a catch - see below.

The House Cleaning Fairy Kris Kringle
Everyone does something to help their recipient out in their home. It could be washing and folding their laundry, washing dishes, cleaning the car, mowing their lawn, weeding their garden, babysitting, or any other idea you may have. Once all the house fairies have all paid their visits a vote is taken on the most wonderful house fairy. The winner receives the jar of money but there’s a catch - see below.

The Catch - How to Spend the Cache
The prize money has to be spent on something that they can’t keep! It could be dinner out with the kids, it could be a massage, a house cleaner, but it can’t be anything that will go into their home and stay there.

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Hand Made Gifts
Gifts don’t have to be store bought or expensive to be appreciated. Nothing says “I Love You” like something you make yourself. Here’s a list of things that you might be able to make.

Biscuits and Preserves
home grown fruit, vegetables, herbs
home laid eggs or other produce
vegetable or flower seedlings
pies or breads
something sewn or knitted
a bath soak with oatmeal, epsom salts and essential oil
a face mask made with natural produce
hand made chocolates or sweets
herb and / or spice mixes

Creative Wrapping
You can spend a fortune on wrapping paper, tape, and the accompanying prettiness, or you can go creative! Second hand shops often sell very good quality baskets. Try filling them with a whole hamper of homemade gifts.
Buy a colourful second hand dress or skirt (Ken Done shouldn’t be worn, but …) cut it into strips and use it instead of ribbons. It’s far cheaper and it will go much further, not to mention looking beautiful and festive!

However you spend this festive season, make it authentic to you and your family. There’s no reason to cling to old traditions if they don’t suit your family. This year, revamp Christmas by reminding yourself of the true meanings life, family, friends, and kindness, as opposed to the consumerist meanings that have taken over in the last few years.


Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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