Rising from the ashes

Rising from the ashes


Posted 2014-12-13 by Janelle Larsonfollow
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Afraid to say yes, afraid to say no
Pee in this cup, and take off your clothes.
Here, wear this gown. I know your ass shows.
Don’t make a fuss, you know how it goes.
Checklists and policies, you’ll learn about those.
And so your fear grows.
You know how it goes.

Needles and straps, you writhe in the throes,
You’re starting to panic. This labour thing blows.
Gas and air! Gas and air! Oh how it flows,
Probably- this will ease your woes.
Breathe in, breathe out- this is what you chose.
And so your fear grows.
You know how it goes.

They’ll bring you lovely gifts, neatly wrapped in bows.
They’ll bring you flowers too- everybody loves those!
They’ll come and they’ll care, for a while I suppose.
Until it’s not lollipops and rainbows…
And so your fear grows.
You know how it goes.

See you’re just a vessel, of which to dispose.
Doesn’t matter how loud, you try to oppose.
Your greatest weakness, they’ll seek to expose.
Your hopes for your birth- they all decompose.
This is what happened before I arose.
To fight for us, so everyone knows.
Rules and restrictions, they needn’t impose.
Policy and standard, we don’t want those.
The revolution grows.
We'll show them how it goes.

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