No contraception No dole An attack on families and women

No contraception No dole An attack on families and women


Posted 2015-01-06 by Janelle Larsonfollow
The recent debate about a 'no contraception, no dole' idea is raging. I'm about to go and get my pitchfork and join the mob, people.

This particular scheme was dreamt up by former Labor minister, Gary Johns. Way to go, Gary. Said no woman ever.

To quote him directly in regards to the effects this measure would have, it would: “undoubtedly affect strugglers, [and] … Aboriginal and Islander people in great proportions”.

“But the idea that someone can have the taxpayer, as of right, fund the choice to have a child is repugnant.”

I have a couple of problems with this line of thinking, buddy.

First of all, your desire to protect the wealthier members of our society, who don't rely on benefits to augment their crappy incomes, outweighs the needs of those of us struggling. I suppose it's easy to dismiss when you're kicking back sipping champagne and earning a nice fat paycheque for spraying your ignorant opinion amongst the general public.

So it's okay if many people are disadvantaged to benefit only a few. So long as they're poor and or black, it doesn't really matter. Really?! What the actual hell is wrong with this guy?!

The thing is, I thought that was the point of income support. To support those struggling. Yeah, I know, there is a percentage of dishonest people ripping the system off. That makes me mad, too. But they are the minority. Targeting families... NO. Targeting mothers, women only- with your discriminatory policies is what's really repugnant, here.

So, excuse me, government type people.... You do't get to pass laws on my body. Let's get that straight. Since there is no hormonal contraceptive for men, this is a women's issue. The lack of such an invention doesn't absolve you of responsibility for being a misogynistic piece of.......

Excuse me.

It's not going to fix the problems within our social security system, either. It'll just serve to further oppress women, as well as harming their families financially if they are unable, or unwilling to comply.

My second issue, is that not everybody can take hormonal contraception, nor is every pregnancy planned. I hate to break it to you, big guy..... but there is no 100% effective birth control in existence. So what happens to those women who find themselves unintentionally pregnant? What's next? Forced abortions? Families unable to care for their children because their income support disappeared when they needed it most? Yeah, that'll really make for a brighter future for Australian children.

You're CRAZY. To suggest a one-size-fits-all policy like this just highlights your ignorance on the topic. Contraception carries risks and side-effects. You don't get to make that decision for me. You don't get to make me choose between my physical health, and my family's survival.

It's not the small percentage of messed up individuals who think it's a good idea to have lots of babies for family tax benefit payments who are fecking the country up. It's not even the percentage who sit on their asses all day pretending to look for work.

It's people like you, cooking up these crazy policies designed to elevate only the privileged. And wait a minute. Wasn't the baby bonus brought in as a means to create an incentive to have more children? Did I imagine the whole ageing population issue? Should I maybe try to shove one of my kids back in there, then?

Make up your minds. How am I supposed to birth and raise the next generation of Australians to ensure the growth and prosperity of our country- when one minute you're handing me 5 grand to get pregnant, and then a few years later, when I can't go back and change my mind- you do. "Sorry love, you're not getting a free ride anymore. You don't deserve to have children if you don't fit a certain criteria. So now that we've backed you into a corner, you're screwed".

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge birth nerd. This is like the ultimate insult. Not only was I personally treated like absolute dirt by people in positions of power while I tried to have these babies the population so desperately needs.......... but now I'm being held responsible for the actions of all the scummy centrelink cheats out there for doing what was expected of me?


Our society encourages us to want children. Even questions your value as a woman if you so much as hint that it's not something you want. But then when you go and fulfil that desire, if you have it, you're treated even worse.

Here are some more quotes from the man himself:

“No amount of ‘intervention’ after the fact can make up for the strife that many parents bring down on their ­children.”
Soooo....... parents never go to uni part time or work two jobs once their babies are in school or anything like that to improve their lives? Sometimes intervention isn't what's required. It's inspiration. With the right support, families can improve their earning power.

“Infant mortality is minuscule in all sectors of society, and the taxpayer picks up the tab for aged care.
Go ahead and decrease the number of these pesky infants who inconvenience you so with their survival. I'm not exactly sure who's going to be left to be earning money, stimulating the economy, and paying taxes so that aged care even exists for you when your time comes though. But please, go right ahead.

“it is better to avoid having children until such time as parents can afford them”.
It is. But that time very often would be after a woman's fertility is seriously compromised. Lucky they'll all be super rich and financially stable though, all those kids they didn't have earlier will mean they've earned enough money to pay for the IVF they'll need.

“The first, in Cairns, involved a single mother with nine children from five fathers.
“Better this woman had fewer children. Better men on benefits also could be prevented from having children.”
Oh, that old chestnut. It's solely the woman's responsibility to prevent a man from getting her pregnant. And if it happens by accident, it's her fault! Better make sure all the low income women are on birth control because they're a really promiscuous, immoral bunch!

I tried, but I couldn't read anymore. I really couldn't.

Somebody get the duct tape. I need to tape this clown's mouth shut, lest his ignorant words act as an unstoppable contagion.. We don't need more guys nodding their heads to this kind of vile line of thinking. We don't need more dudes like this. And we DO NOT need them in positions of power.

Shame on you, Gary Johns. You're an utter wanker.

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