My dream day

My dream day


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As most of my loyal readers know, I am currently working my way through a 100 day goal (and yes…part 6 will be coming up soon!). As a reward to myself when I achieved my goal so quickly I signed up for a course to help me grow my birth business. Which will help me to achieve my second 100 day goal. And, I imagine, it will help me to achieve all my birth business related goals and also most of my writing goals.

I’m working my way through the course very slowly – one module per month. I don’t want to overwhelm myself with too much work – especially when I have some very specific tasks to work on. The first topic is titled: Dream. And one of the tasks for completion is to write out a day in the life of your dream doula business. In the first person, present tense – but placed a couple of years in the future.

Of course I had to share!

I woke up this morning with baby number 3 (aged about 1 and, for this story, named ‘Jabiru’ – because she’ll be brought by the stork!) in my bed and my partner on the other side. Ms 6 and Mr 4 (OMG – can’t believe how grown up they are!!) are getting up and we are in that space where the day is gently beginning. Everyone is stirring, the birds are chirping outside our window. Dave gets up with the kids and my two big kids argue over who will make my coffee (because some things never change!) and we go through the morning routine of breakfast and getting ready to head out the door.

Dave works as a construction project consultant – half the time he works in the office and half the time he works from home. Just for the sake of the story today he’s heading off to the office in the morning. He’ll drop Ms 6 off at school on the way and our Au Pair will come up from the granny flat at 8:30am to look after the two little ones.

I head out to my giant office. Did I mention that we now live in our dream home? A lovely, but older style highset, 4 bedroom, 2 lounge room, 2 bathroom house on 10 acres of beautiful bushland. We have a huge vegie garden, chickens and a goat. We’re thinking about getting a cow or a pig or something to add to our “farm”. We built a self-contained (but small) granny flat to accommodate our “helpers” and also built in underneath the house my office. It’s beautiful, but messy and desperately needs a vacuum (remember – some things never change!!). We still need to do some renovations in order to make the house perfect. The kitchen could do with some work, I want to remodel our ensuite and I really want to add a verandah with big glass doors to my office. But these projects don’t need to happen yet.

I love my huge veggie garden Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

In my office I drink some more coffee and check out my schedule for the week ahead (it’s Monday today). I do some final marketing for the Hypnobirthing course that I will be running from my office the following weekend – I have a space left for one more couple and would love to fill it. I respond to 3 doula service enquiries that came through over the weekend (I no longer spend all weekend at my computer!) and arrange a couple of meet and greets. I check my calendar and see that I am on call for the next 2 months straight and it feels awesome to know that I’m going to be busy attending births in amongst all my other work. I send out emails confirming the prenatal appointments and meet and greets that I have planned for the week. Then I head back up into the house to breastfeed baby Jabiru and have morning tea.

After a bit of boobing and playing with my two littles I go back to my office and write. For two hours I write and end up with a new article for my website / newsletter and finish off two blogs that I’ve ghost written for fellow birth workers. I love how my writing flows so easily and I have so many clients that I write for. It works in so well with my birth work as I can write around appointments and births.

I head upstairs and send the Au Pair off for a break while I do lunch with my little people and then put the baby down for her nap. Then I head out for a postnatal catch up with a mum who had her baby a couple of weeks ago, with me as her doula. She is doing really well and so is bub. We talk through the amazing and empowered vbac that she achieved and how strong and confident she is feeling at the moment. This is why I do what I do. The end result of a beautiful, glowing mum who knows her power and strength and moves confidently into the next stage of her life.

Confident mums is always my aim. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

I pick up Ms 6 from school on my way home from the appointment. Dave gets home at about the same time. We all do afternoon tea together out in the garden. While we’re out there we pick some vegies for dinner. Then I leave the kids and Dave to play outside while I head in to make dinner. I’ll be scoffing mine down early though, as I have to head out for an evening meet and greet. Really looking forward to connecting with this mum and seeing if I can help her on her journey to empowered birthing after a traumatic first birth.

The mum and dad I meet with are amazing. So motivated and inspiring and ready to plan for a positive and beautiful vbac. They hire me on the spot and I let them know that I will forward out the contract and payment details in the next day or two.

By the time I head home the bigger kids are in bed, the Au Pair has finished for the night and baby Jabiru is ready for another feed. Baby boobed and back into bed and it’s off to bed for me after I make my last couple of notes so that I’m ready to do it all again tomorrow!


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