Missing you

Missing you


Posted 2014-12-30 by Lisa Morganfollow
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Even though we're not together,
you're always on my mind.
Even though I never see you,
I miss you all the time.
Cause your soul speaks in a language,
identical to mine,
and I can't forget about you,
no matter how I try.
I know it's wrong to love you,
and I know I'm crossing lines.
But baby, I was made for you-
I wish we met in time.
Maybe in another life,
I'll be more than next in line.
But all I know- right here, and now,
I miss you all the time.
I wish I'd had the courage then-
to say a real goodbye.
That time and place feels far away,
I wish I could rewind.
The heat, your hands, your lips, your smell-
the burning in your eyes.
I don't know why we met at all.
fate's cruel and it's a crime.
But I think of you, and I think you do too...
and I miss you all the time.


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