Kim Kartrashian The Role Model

Kim Kartrashian The Role Model


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Kim Kardashian is often referred to as Kim Kartrashian . Troll alert? Perhaps. People betraying their own insecurities and immaturity? Perhaps. Calling it as it is? Perhaps.

What is certain however, is that Kim Kardashian has little integrity and no qualms about parading her body for all the world to see.

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What is also certain is that Kim promotes a culture in which women are objectified, commodified and sexualised. Also, Kim doesn't appear to have any compassion for those adversely affected by such a culture.

Let's make no mistake: Kim Kardashian was brought to the fore of popular culture when her sex tape was leaked in 2003, and the reason she remains famous is because she continues to "share and overshare" .

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The tape was leaked. Kim is a victim.

Nobody deserves to have their trust betrayed or be so blatantly disrespected, and nobody deserves to have their private life made public without their permission. You will find no arguments here. However, if Kim has to "live with the embarrassment and fear" that one day her "grandkids are going to see it" , then why does she continue to share with us the most intimate details of her life?

In 2010, Kim got naked for a photo shoot with W magazine. Unhappy with the results, she cried, "I feel so taken advantage of. I'm never getting naked again." In 2014, Kim got naked again for both GQ magazine and PAPER MAG .

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She has a great body and she is proud of it. There's nothing wrong with that. Moreover, she's empowered because she chooses to assert her identity beyond motherhood.

We can all be comfortable with and proud of our bodies. However, true confidence and true empowerment stem from self-knowledge. They do not lead us to seek other people's permission or approval. By placing her entire self on show, Kim gives us permission to judge whether or not she is 'good enough'.

Moreover, Kim is a mother, and she will always be a mother. Whether or not she chooses to recognise that every decision she makes will influence her daughter does not change the fact that her daughter will be impacted. The idea of empowerment is not to compartmentalise our lives or our identities - it's to embrace them in their totality.

No man is an island. What we choose to do will affect those around us. Kim can choose to strip and pose full frontal for a magazine. But she must also accept responsibility for co-creating a culture in which women are perceived and often 'used' as objects. She must also take responsibility - at least in part - for the way her actions affect those around her and those who see these images.


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