Gratitude challenge V is for VBAC Australia Support Group

Gratitude challenge V is for VBAC Australia Support Group


Posted 2015-06-26 by lizzifollow
Well this one was a no-brainer! I am today, and always, extremely grateful for the VBAC Australia Support Group.

I joined this support group just before I fell pregnant with baby Sprout. There was about 25 women in the group. About 4 months later there was around 200 women and I was "promoted" to admin (still not sure if that's an actual promotion!).

Over the course of my second pregnancy this group provided so much knowledge and support that I really don't think I would have made it to 42weeks 5days without them. The information, the stories and the experiences shared in the group were so valuable to me.

After my second birth turned into a traumatic experience this group continued to provide support and care for me. It was my special place to come and cry, complain, talk through issues and learn even more.

After the creator of the group moved on to new ventures she passed the group on to me. What an honour to be entrusted with the care of such a brilliant group of women.

We have now gone from a handful of mostly hospital birthers to a group of over 3000 women - hospital birthers, home birthers, free birthers, midwives, doulas, childbirth educators and general support people. We have women who have had repeat caesareans, vbacs, hbacs, emergencies, positive births, traumatic births and, sadly, miscarriages and stillbirths.

Gerberas are my favourite flower just like this group is my favourite group Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The group continues to be a source of inspiration and knowledge to me as I continue on my journey as a childbirth educator, doula and, hopefully!, a HBA2C mumma.

To the VBAC Australia Support Group - thank you for making a challenging journey amazing. x

What is the gratitude challenge?
I set myself this challenge as a way of maintaining some mindfulness and gratitude, but also to help me take time each and every day to focus on my writing.

I would welcome anyone else who wants to join the challenge. The rules are simple: Start at a and work your way through to z. You must do one each day, include a photo and they must be at least 2 paragraphs - after all the idea is to work on your writing not just your gratefulness.

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