Gratitude challenge B is for Breastfeeding a toddler

Gratitude challenge B is for Breastfeeding a toddler


Posted 2015-05-25 by lizzifollow
So "A" was hard to think of something and "B" was tricky because I could think of several things! So I settled on being grateful today to be breastfeeding my toddler.

Background: My breastfeeding journey with my first bub was HARD! Between birth trauma, terrible advice, a small baby, formula top ups, more terrible advice, going back to work at 11 weeks, be honest I'm surprised we made it as far as we did!

I always wanted to breastfeed to 2 years for health reasons. You know...the old "breast is best" stuff. What I didn't really understand is how much easier parenting a toddler is when you're still breastfeeding! I'm not saying that it makes everyone's lives easier...but it does for me and that's why I'm grateful - because I'm lazy.

Neither of my children sleep through the night. Ms 3 didn't even when she was having formula top ups and even when she stopped night time breast feeding. I remember having to get up and make a bottle of milk and sit in the lounge chair with her for 2 hours EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. With Mr almost 2 he gets out of his bed, walks into my bed, climbs up and has a breastfeed. I still wake up...but if I have to be awake I'd rather be lying in bed than sitting in a chair getting a crick in my neck!

Solving lifes tragedies one breastfeed at a time

Breastfeeding also solves all those major toddler tragedies. Sister not sharing her bear? Breastmilk will make it all better. Fell over and bumped your head? A kiss on the head while having a breastfeed and 1 minute later it's all forgotten. Wake up from your nap feeling a bit crappy? A quick breastfeed will help the toddler get his sparkle back in no time!

When I told my partner that this was going to be my grateful thing for today he reminded me that for a very long time I've been the only one who can put the toddler to bed...because of breastfeeding. but here's the thing - even if I wasn't breastfeeding I would likely be putting at least one of the children to bed why not breastfeed to sleep?

I know that not everyone can, or has the support to, or wants to...but today I am grateful that I am breastfeeding a toddler.

What is the gratitude challenge?
I set myself this challenge as a way of maintaining some mindfulness and gratitude, but also to help me take time each and every day to focus on my writing.

I would welcome anyone else who wants to join the challenge. The rules are simple: Start at a and work your way through to z. You must do one each day, include a photo and they must be at least 2 paragraphs - after all the idea is to work on your writing not just your gratefulness.


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