Getting shit done my journey through 100 days Part 6 Where to from here

Getting shit done my journey through 100 days Part 6 Where to from here


Posted 2015-11-11 by lizzifollow
I’ve been feeling a little lost since I achieved my goal. Hence the huge gap between blog posts. I got straight into setting a new goal and I have a new list of actions and I’ve done a few new things, but I feel really scattered.

It’s like I have so many new things to do that it’s all caving in on me.

Business course, wellbeing course, manifesting webinars, facebook is throwing all sorts of business webinars etc at me. So many resources for me to access. Throw in a two day break due to Melbourne Cup and it’s easy to see why I feel a little out of it.

So I decided to chill a bit. As I tell my doula and hypnobirthing clients – It’s okay to totally lose it. If you lose it, it means you had it. And if you had it before you can have it again. So I lost it.

And now I feel like maybe I can regain it.

So I didn’t achieve my new goal in the first month like last time. So what?! It’s really kind crazy to expect to achieve a 100 day goal in 30 days. I put a lot work into the first 30 days and need to step it up to achieve the next goal. It’s time to work harder and smarter.

It’s time to ensure that I’m using my to do list properly every day. It’s time to ensure that what I’m doing is ACTION not motion. It’s time to think bigger and better and more positive than ever.

The next couple of weeks will involve:

Set time each week to focus on my own personal wellbeing. I’m doing an amazing program called the Well Woman Sanctuary and am looking forward to spending some dedicated time on it. Meditating and mindfulness doesn't come easy to me, but I am enjoying practising these new things.

Set time each week to focus on my business building. This involves working on my business course that I am doing. But will be REAL action. Completing the worksheets and activities. Watching the videos and reading the supporting material. And doing the doing that needs to be done.

Image used with permission of The Business Bakery.

Writing. No more “waiting for inspiration”. Writing is my job. While it’s okay to write “for fun” (like this ongoing blog piece!) sometimes I just have to sit down and write for work. It won’t always be awesome and it won’t always flow, but it needs to be written. And “you can always edit terrible writing. You can’t do much with a blank page.”

Manifesting. Lots of affirmations and positive attraction. I deserve to be successful. I deserve to be happy. I am a great doula, a passionate Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner and a good mum.

I’m not going to say “let’s see how long this burst of motivation lasts”. Instead I’m going to acknowledge that flowing and ebbing is a normal part of life.

I am ready to work hard and to receive the abundance I deserve.

It’s my time and I am ready to take the next step.


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