Getting shit done my journey through 100 days Part 5 I did it

Getting shit done my journey through 100 days Part 5 I did it


Posted 2015-10-17 by lizzifollow
We’re now up to 47 days of the 100 days. But something really strange and unexpected happened at around 30 days.

I achieved my goal.

In its entirety.

It was almost like the universe could see how close I was and just gave me the push to achieve it. Knowing that I needed a big achievement to keep me going and to push me to achieve more.

My goal was to sign 2 doula clients, 3 hypnobirthing clients and earn $200 in a month with my writing.

The 2 doula clients were signed within days and they both signed up for hypnobirthing. I was motoring along with my writing but really needed a miracle to hit $200.

One Saturday afternoon I got a call from a woman who was in my area on holiday. Her massage therapist had recommended hypnobirthing so she had gone and bought the book. She did a check online and found that there are no hypnobirthing practitioners in her local area. So she decided to check if there are any up here who could fit her in at short notice. She figured that she might as well invest the time while she was on holiday and not doing anything. And as it happened I could fit her in that Wednesday.

This is also the time that I found out that if you google hypnobirthing and the city that I live in my name comes up

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So there was my doula and hypnobirthing client goals met. All because a couple on holiday decided to google and seize the day.

Did I get a medal for achieving my goal Heavens no I got to go and create a new and more challenging goal Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

As for the writing…I was feeling a little sad that I wasn’t going to quite achieve my goal that month. I was so very close, but no amount of promoting articles was getting me over the line.

Then a friend messaged me to advise that she would like me to do an editing job on her uni assignment. Immediately, if I could. Due to the fact that it was an immediate turn around I bumped my price a little. Just enough to compensate for a late night and to get me over the line with my writing goal.

The moral of my little story:

Tell the universe what you want. Then show the universe that you are willing to work hard to achieve your goals. And if you struggle the universe might just give you a little help. If it knows that you’re serious.

For those who are wondering…Is this the end of the story? Shit got done so surely it’s all over now? Sorry to disappoint! What’s the point of having a goal if that’s where you are going to stop? Next part will be about regathering, refocusing, and the challenges of setting new intentions!

I am ready to work hard and receive the abundance I deserve.


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