Getting shit done my journey through 100 days Part 2 Blockages

Getting shit done my journey through 100 days Part 2 Blockages


Posted 2015-09-28 by lizzifollow
Goal set? Check!

Next I needed to set 100 actions that would help me get to my goal. The idea being that you do at least one of these actions every day. I struggle with this. After a week of working on it I only got to 82 actions. Then I started my weekly and daily to do lists.

Week one was AWESOME! I achieved everything on my list by the Wednesday.

The following weeks have been a little more miss than hit though. I write a to do list each day. But I seem to have trouble with ensuring that I look back over my weekly to do list and the 100 actions to ensure that I am actually basing my to do lists on my actions. Why is this? What is blocking me?

And as I write this I find that I know the answer. It lies in one of my actions on my list. Item number 26 – Clear study. My office space is a mess. Yes, despite the fact that 4 months ago a friend came and helped me clear my office it is now cluttered and messy again. Left over expo stuff lying around, toys and craft supplies and stuff that needs to go into my partner’s space.

It’s really hard to get shit done when there’s shit everywhere!

Time to move action number 26 onto my weekly and daily to do lists.

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The other blockage is timing. My to do lists are hastily scribbled at the end of the day as my computer is shutting down and I am thinking about bedtime (for the kids!). Or they are put together in the morning as I drink my coffee, and organise breakfast, and deal with two toddlers who don’t want any of the items on offer. Neither of these is a great time to be trying to do anything important. Which of course was why I chose them for my lists…because the actual lists aren’t all that important are they?! After all, it’s doing the things on them that is important.

And we are now back to the importance of setting good goals and intentions. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. And these lists are my plan.

Time to set an appropriate time to FOCUS on the task of planning. Every single day.

If you don’t plan what shit you need to get done, then who knows what shit you will get done?

Are you facing any blockages in your quest to get shit done? What are they? And how do you plan to overcome them?

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