Getting shit done My journey through 100 days Part 1 Deciding what shit I want to get done

Getting shit done My journey through 100 days Part 1 Deciding what shit I want to get done


Posted 2015-09-24 by lizzifollow
I’ve been a work at home mum for a little over a year now. And I feel like my business hasn’t really taken off. To put it bluntly: I’m having trouble getting shit done!

This seems to be a fairly typical predicament for work at home mums. What I hear a lot is that working from home is HARD. As well as marketing, social media campaigns (and all the distractions of social media!), invoicing and talking to clients you need to change nappies, feed children, ensure no-one falls out of the cubby house and endlessly pick up blocks and socks.

Julia at The Business Bakery is helping people all over the world achieve their goals. Image courtesy of The Business Bakery.

So I decided that I needed to get shit done. I needed to start achieving my business goals and earning money.

And there I encountered the first problem – I didn’t actually have any concrete goals. It’s hard to achieve something when you have no definition for “something”.

Then a friend linked me to: The 100 day goal at The Business Bakery.

Talk about perfect timing!

You can follow this link to The Business Bakery to learn more, but the basic idea is this: You pick a goal that you could conceivably achieve in 100 days. Maybe you want to double your sales or sign a certain number of clients or finish writing your novel. No goal is too big or small! Then you write out 100 different actions and micro-actions that will help you achieve your goal. The idea is then that you do at least one action every day. When you sign up you get a workbook and a stack of printables to help you keep track of everything as well as access to a facebook group and a motivational email each day. Oh and did I mention…this particular program is FREE.

Working out my goal was hard. Good goal writing is a skill in itself. But Julia from The Business Bakery gave some fantastic advice for setting good goals. I decided on a goal for each main aspect of my business.

Sign up 2 doula clients

Sign up 3 clients for my Hypnobirthing Australia course

Earn $200 per month with my writing

The daily to do list printable. Helping me see what I need to do each day. Authors own photo.

It was as though saying my goal aloud made the universe sit up and take notice of me! Before the first week was over I had signed 2 doula clients and they both signed up for my hypnobirthing course as well. I have also had several people interested in having me write for them.

Now (and it fits in with my writing goal!) I’m going to blog about my journey through 100 days. Don’t worry – I’m not going to update every single day. But I am going to share my learnings and achievements, as well as my struggles, in the hope that I can help other work at home mums who are struggling to get shit done.

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