Five things to know about being around a pregnant woman

Five things to know about being around a pregnant woman


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1. Hands off the belly!

Exciting as pregnancy may be, their belly is still part of their body. Laying your hands on someone’s body is an invasion of personal space.
You know when you’re talking with someone and they keep stepping forward into your face to speak? And you could hear them perfectly well from your one metre stance, but every time you step back they move forward?
Now imagine the same thing, but that person is putting their hands on your stomach. Leave a woman’s baby belly alone.
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2. Question your own behaviour before you blame hormones.

Yes, hormones change during pregnancy. She eats things she wouldn’t normally, she might cry more easily, and some of them are hell bent on painting the nursery a particular colour before baby arrives. 
However, it’s entirely possible that a woman is angry or upset for a legitimate reason, one which hormones have nothing to do with. If you’ve said something insensitive, don’t blame our reaction on hormones. She’s pissed off because you were rude, not because she’ pregnant.
3. Leave the labour horror stories to Hollywood.

She’s going to have a baby, not an amputation. She has her own idea of what labour will involve, and she’s set up her own support team to help. She might already be fearful of what labour involves, why would you think telling her your bad experience will help? If you were traumatised by your birth, please seek counselling. Don’t pass on your experience to an innocent expectant mother.
4. Avoid stating the obvious.

Saying things like “you’ll never sleep again”, “life will never be the same” or telling stories of how your life changed with kids is frustrating for a new parent. Did you assume she went into pregnancy completely oblivious to the changes about to take place? Your well intended comments are an insult to her intelligence, and not helpful in any way. 
Try replacing these comments with “would you like me to wash your dishes?”, or “If you need a hug, I’ll be over in ten minutes”.
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

5. Don’t ask if she’s had the baby yet.

Pregnancy can feel long and uncomfortable towards the end. Being bombarded with useless questions can be overbearing. If you are in the social or family circle of an expectant mother, she will likely let you know when the baby has arrived. It’s not like proud new mothers will simply forget to let the world know they had a baby, so be patient and ask useful questions such as “can I drop by a meal?” or “do you need me to walk the dog?”

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