Awesome parenting 101

Awesome parenting 101


Posted 2015-04-18 by lizzifollow
I’m a terrible mother. There’s really no denying it. Picture this – It’s 7pm and I’m sitting here writing about what a terrible mother I am, just so I can make a few bucks, while my partner is dealing with the children. Need further evidence? Here’s how our day went.

Disclaimer: I am a work from home mum – I am a student doula, Hypnobirthing Australia Certified Practitioner, birth activist and writer…and mum to a very spirited 3 year old girl and an almost 2 year old boy who appears to be a cross between a monkey and a kangaroo. I LOVE my life – but occasionally I need a chance to whine. Hence the reason I became a writer.

Or maybe hes a lady beetle With very little fashion sense

So we got up at about 7ish. The main problem with this sleep in is that it means we get up after my partner has left for work – therefore I have to make my own coffee. Not being a morning person, this is really sucky. Bonus though – no tantrum this morning from Ms 3, who for the last 2 mornings has gotten up and demanded “Where’s daddy? I need a cuddle from him! He can’t go to work!”

I had a few sips of coffee before I smelled something suspicious…”Do you have a stinky bum dude?” Cheeky grin “No – ay ay” (that’s his way of saying “Ellie” – his sister’s name) and we’re off and running. Changing pooey nappies is a great way to start the day!

I feed the kids what we will refer to as “breakfast” while I finish my coffee. A milo for Ms 3 and a banana for Mr almost 2. It kept them quiet for 3 minutes while I checked messages. I then sent them off to play and went and showered. Checking my phone before I showered it was after 9…not really sure what else happened in that time!

The rest of the morning involved TV and mischief (for the children) and work / facebook / networking (for me). My study is external to the house – so it also involved lots of running into the house at every suspicious noise, of which there were many. Dude fell off the couch and bit his tongue so hard that there was blood. Went to share some articles (since I haven’t been writing much!) and discovered that my account had reverted to zero. No articles, no money...So I had a freak out and set about sorting it out.

Went to put the dude down for his nap. Told Ms 3 she could watch a movie when dude was asleep. She decided that she needed to give her teddy and rabbit some booby milk and put them down for a nap too. So nap time took a little while to happen. But it happened!

And was over all too soon! It was spent chasing up my account, adminning facebook groups, feeding Ms 3 and ensuring that she had plenty of water, lots of cuddles, then getting lunch ready.

Lunch was pasta. Ms 3 had hers with ham. Mr almost 2 had his with cheese and threw a large portion of it at me. I had mine with left over taco sauce, cheese, tomato and olives. YUM!

A very spirited Ms 3 Raaahing for the camera.

Finished lunch to find myself in a bit of a political situation. Crying my eyes out, I decided to woman up and deal with it as best I could. Felt 100% better once I did and moved on to all my other messages. Referring women, following up enquiries, chatting with friends, more networking. More racing in to check on the children. Dude decided to climb on the TV cabinet about 5.7 million times. Yes, we had a huge box in his way…he managed to pull it down.

At some point during the afternoon I came in to find the dude with a (thankfully very small!) shampoo bottle in his mouth. That was fun.

Somehow we made it to dinner time…Ms 3 demanded a “daddy bar” (One of my partner’s muesli bars) and Mr almost 2 had a couple of bags of popcorn. I had a wine. Then I had another. Then my partner arrived home and I practically threw the children at him in my hurry to escape. I closed the door to my study and turned some music on. And reminded myself that one bad day doesn’t make me a bad mum. No matter how many “one bad days” I have, I keep getting back up. My children have their needs met – they were fed, clothed, cleaned and cuddled. They are loved. I am loved. I am strong and I’ve got this.

And wine…I’ve got that too!

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