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Snakes like you thrive,
You struggle, you strive,
Tell me I’m lucky I even survived.
Tell me I’m lucky that I’m still alive.
Lucky? HA!
The reasons, contrived.

You believe that it’s true? The lucky one’s you.
You’re lucky I smile, When on the inside….,
I plan to smack you in your face with your OWN FUCKING SHOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh. What? Sorry ‘bout that.

Just a little brain snap.
See it’s hard for me to listen-
Listen - to that type of crap.
Telling me I’m lucky, and shit like that.

What happened that day
And then when they call it- the easy way.
What?! HEY!
But you see I don’t care for the shit you say-
You drive me cray. For real. Now go away.

Really? You still here?
I don’t know what I need to say to make it clear,

Got nothin’ I can say that you will even hear.
Keep your opinions in your mind
And I’ll mind mine.
‘Cause you don’t get a say in how I feel this time.
There’s nothin’ you could say to make me change my mind.
Only thing you made me do
Is write this tasty fucking rhyme.


Cause you weren’t fucking there.
The sweat in my hair
The fear. The despair.
Put your hands in the air,
‘Cause you just don’t care.
Maybe wave them around while you’ve got them up there.
So why should I share? Man. I need to repair
Myself.. before I can worry about snakes like you.
Mistakes like you, What’s it gonna take for you?
Allow me to trigger for you a timely breakthrough!

Am I getting through?
Yeah, sadly I doubt that, too.

But maybe baby in the future, you’ll be less inclined
To run your fucking mouth, and waste people’s time
With your devious shit, and games to poison the mind…..
Tunnel vision, so blind,
So baby you’re gonna find
That you might be a snake, but I’m a fucking tsunami
And behind me there stands, a fucking beautiful army.
We carry a scar, but we also carry the truth
And you will hear us, OH yes.
Whether you want to

Or not. Whatever.

now I’m through.

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