A Wedding Gone Modern

A Wedding Gone Modern


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Weddings, like everything else, change with the times. There were points in history, after all, where it was considered good luck to rip a piece off the bride’s wedding dress after the ceremony. Unsurprisingly, Angelina Jolie didn’t go in for that.
With the rise of social media and viral videos, these days any wedding audience has the potential to number millions. No doubt bearing that in mind, celebrities and normal folks alike are embracing new trends to make their wedding days bolder, brasher and more individualised. Why not follow suit?

Non-white wedding dresses

Pink Wedding Dresses From left 1. Monique Lhullier, 2. Vera Vang, 3. Watters Bridal, 4. Austin Scarlett, 5. George source RunwayDream

Queen Victoria popularised the white wedding dress in the Western world. (You can’t say it didn’t provide the desired effect: her and Prince Albert apparently had a blissfully happy marriage.) Before that brides happily wore any colour, so this may not be a new trend as much as an old one cycling around. Excellent!

Traditionally, white symbolises purity, but other colours have equally wedding-appropriate meanings. Pink can represent love, red can represent passion, and a blue dress can double as the something blue! Neutral shades like beige and blush are also popular; people often consider them a more low-key alternative to white.

If you want to stick with white but you still want your wedding dress to be unique, why not [link http://time.com/3257917/angelina-jolie-wedding-veil-emobroidered/ take a page out of Angelina Jolie’s handbook] and decorate your dress with something personally significant? Having your children’s drawings embroidered into your wedding dress could cost anywhere from $800 to $3600, but think of the looks on the kid’s faces. Awwww!

Mullet dresses
Amal Alamuddin is currently the envy of nearly every girl on the planet: not only did she marry George Clooney, but she did it in a mullet dress – therefore nicely demonstrating that in addition to her high-profile career and husband, she also has legs to kill for. Some people have all the luck.

Mullet dresses have a short hemline in the front and a long one in the back- they’ve been around for years and have been a regular feature on red carpets, but now they’re finally hitting the mainstream properly. Naturally, they’re a popular option for people seeking a different tweak on a wedding dress – they’re classy, but they can also accentuate your shape beautifully. Don’t let the name fool you: they are very, very in.

Hiring, not buying

Most people will, let’s face it, only wear a wedding dress once. Bearing that in mind, and also bearing in mind the probable expense, why not hire a dress for your wedding instead?
The bride gets a lovely dress and more money to spend on the honeymoon;
You can sometimes hire jewellery and accessories too!

And don’t forget, the same goes for bridesmaids, too! Bridesmaids often get the short end of the stick, having to splash out on an expensive dress that’ll be worn (hopefully) once – but many companies have started to realise this, and [link http://www.runwaydream.com.au/occasions/bridesmaid-designer-dresses will lend you a dress for the night] at a usually very reasonable fee. Simple adjustments can be made to dresses for only a little extra, too – you only need to ask!

Having a bride’s man
Who needs gender roles? If you have mostly guy friends, why not make one of them your bridesman - he’ll be doing much the same job as a bridesmaid, merely under a different title. There’s no downside to this trend at all: everything proceeds as normal, but the bride gets to extend an important honour to any man in her life she chooses. Or more than one! The sky’s the limit!

Wacky wedding photos

Tucked in dresses source Pinterest jefrog29

You don’t have to take a wedding day seriously! All sorts of viral wedding day photos have spawned trends, so why not join in? There’s the [link http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/fashion/bridesmaids-bare-all-in-an-unusual-wedding-trend-20140708-zsvlw.html tucking-the-dress-into-the-knickers], there’s the [link http://bridesthrowingcats.com/ throwing-a-cat](not a real cat, don’t worry), there’s the countless, countless Photoshop jobs – or you could do as [link http://www.vibewow.com/viral/30-really-weird-russian-wedding-photos/ the Russians do]: they seem to be leading the world in this trend right now.

Wedding days are becoming not only more personal, but much more exciting. Wear whatever colours you choose, take whatever photos you like, put a different twist on an old trend or start one of your own! Remember, it is your day. Make it a good one!

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