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Why Australia NEEDS a maternity care revolution

by lizzi (follow)
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Maternity care in Australia is at a crisis. Women are lacking choice and autonomy. I recently wrote an article about choosing your care provider. Which led to an article about the illusion of choice in maternity care in Australia. Which led to an article about ways to manage birthing with an unsupportive care provider. Which, along with a few other recent conversations and events, led to this. It’s becoming increasing difficult to maintain hope of a brighter future for our daughters. What we need now is a revolution.

Thank you so much to the women who inspired this article and are fighting for the cause in a million different ways. Helping to improve maternity care in Australia– one woman, one baby and one birth at a time.


The AMA position on maternal decision making is being ignored by care providers

Women have a right to choose how, where and with whom they birth their babies and women are being denied this right on a daily basis

Homebirth with a midwife, a choice increasingly being denied to Australian women, Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I read new stories of obstetric violence and birth rape EVERY SINGLE DAY

Women are often left asking “what the fuck happened?” and “was that really necessary?” after their births

Midwives are increasingly being forced to be “with obstetrician”, “With CTG machine” and “with hospital policy” rather than where they belong “With woman”

The CTG monitor that midwives are increasing required to "be with", Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

“The system” should be serving women…not the other way around

I shouldn’t need to write an article about how to birth with an unsupportive care provider, because unsupportive care providers shouldn’t bloody exist!

No woman should ever be subject to manipulation, coercion and bullying during their pregnancy and birthing journey

Our system needs to start recognising who is best able to make decisions for a woman and her baby – THE WOMAN!

Men are not at risk from interventions and caesareans, yet they feel it is fine to put women at risk – patriarchy at work!

Women deserve to FEEL safe while bringing their babies into the world

Women deserve evidence based information and care

“Time is up” is NOT an adequate reason for a caesarean

Caesarean Surgery, Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

For the first time mums – who are yet to learn how the system works against normal birth

No woman should ever feel ashamed of her birthing journey

There is so much private grief – grief for births that were stolen, precious moments that will never be recovered and stories that can not be shared for fear of our grief being invalidated

Birth should not be treated as an emergency unless it actually is one

“Mother and baby not dead” is a pretty low standard for birthing outcomes

Hospitals are more interested in building confident and powerful obstetricians than confident and powerful mothers

Obstetrician, image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Hospitals will make vexatious reports against midwives who support women in their informed choices but will brush aside women’s reports of bullying, coercion and assault

I want my daughter to be able to look forward to her pregnancy and birthing journey with hope and excitement not fear and mistrust

Mandatory surgery policies are a human rights violation and poor medical practice

I think it’s wrong for someone I’ve never met to proclaim that they care more about my family than I do

I am capable of making fully informed decisions in the best interests of my family

Women believe it’s normal to be violated during birth

Birth should be about women and their babies, not hospitals and their policies

No-one is outraged about the injustices and violations pregnant women are facing

The biggest reason we need a revolution is because improving the pregnancy and birthing journey and outcomes for women is even considered revolutionary! Pregnant women are human beings – this should not be a revolutionary concept!

We need a revolution in maternity care in Australia because WOMEN AND BABIES DESERVE BETTER

Why do you believe we need a revolution? And how are you contributing to the cause?
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Allthough moms aren't paying directly for hospitals births, my guess is that Australian hospitals are still running to make profits, and whatever funding they get to pay for the births is not coming primarily out of the pockets of the hospital owners. In other words, Australia has regressive taxation/Australian maternity funding isn't coming out of the pockets of the very richest Australians (though it should be). I find it hard to believe the richest Australians would tolerate paying for the bulk of unnecessary medical procures without even complaining.

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