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The Vessel

by lizzi (follow)
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Two lines a stick, oh wow look at that
Iím going to be a mum, I hope Iím good at that
Off to the doctor to see what happens next
Booked in for a scan and plenty of tests
The weeks pass along as baby ďParryĒ grows inside
The nausea sets in, weíre in for a wild ride
And then it starts: Donít eat that, here take this pill
You are just a vessel for the baby to fill

A vessel for the baby to fill. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Another procedure, another test, another scan
Do what the experts say, what a fucking great plan
The stress becomes greater the more my tummy grows
I just didnít realise that I could say no
I could say no if I wanted and do as I liked
I could say no if I wanted but they had me psyched
For how could I say yes or perhaps or no
How could I express my choice when THEY run the show?
I have no autonomy, my body is not mine
It belongs to the baby and the hospital and the doctors and people think thatís fine
For I am just a vessel, my job is to incubate
To do as Iím told and for them to manipulate
ďJust think of the babyĒ, always do this
ďWhat happens to you we will easily dismissĒ
For you are just a vessel, just a baby incubator
You must follow the rules set down by the hospital administrator
But here is the problem with which I wrestle,
I AM more than a uterus and Iím NOT just a vessel

This is a vessel. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Iím a person you see, look at ME
How can I be a mother if you wonít let me be?
If I am just a vessel, then what will I be?
Once my baby is born will I be empty?
Or will I simply cease to exist?
And once I am gone will I be missed?
Or will somebody see before itís too late
That Iím not just a vessel, that I do more than incubate?
I am Lizzie, I exist, my body belongs to me not the baby so precious
I am here, I am a whole woman, not just a vessel, not just a uterus
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