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The Truth About Fat Shaming

by HippieMamma (follow)
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A lot of people seem to be under the impression you can shame someone into losing weight, or that because someone is fat it's okay to ridicule them, not trust their judgement or assume it's okay to make any kind of comment on their weight. In our society being fat is a crime and makes you less than human.

But here is an example of the experience of fat shaming.

'You look like a sack of potatoes'
'Hey hey fatty!'
'You're going to burst out of that aren't you?'
'You shouldn't be wearing that'
'Eating again are we?'
'Do you ever stop eating?'

source: wikimedia commons

None of these comments make people feel motivated to make a change, nor do they make people feel sorry for themselves.

What they do is make people hate themselves. Self pity becomes self hate which becomes self punishment.

They lead to looking in the mirror and feeling so disgusted that they wish they could peel their skin off and be someone else.
They make them want to cut all their fat off themselves. Sometimes actually considering it.

They make them tie scarves or anything they can find around their waist until they can't breathe (because they don't deserve to breathe) to try to make themselves smaller.
They make them starve themselves (because they don't deserve to eat) until they finally give in and binge - which leads to more self hatred and the cycle continues.
They lead to crash diets, yo-yo dieting, dangerous diet pills, money wasted on gimmicks and years, if not a lifetime of hating themselves.

source: wikimedia commons

What they DON'T ever lead to is weight loss, at least not healthy weight loss.
They can lead to severe mental health problems, a distorted view of self worth, depression, anxiety, body dismorphia, eating disorders and more I am sure.
Weight loss is an extremely complicated process, it is so much more than 'just don't eat crap', a person has to want to lose weight (And if they don't that's no one's business!), they have to have support. Losing weight often comes with overcoming some kind of food addiction which let me tell you is extremely hard - if you don't believe me just try cutting out one thing you eat on a daily basis and let me know how you get on.
source: wikimedia commons

To lose weight you need to know HOW. And most importantly you have to believe that you DESERVE to be healthy and you need to have a realistic view of yourself.
What people also need to realise is that not all fat people eat badly, just like not all thin people eat healthily.

source: wikimedia commons

If you're shaming someone for being fat, think about what you really care about here. Is it their health? Because if that's the case you better go after all the thin people who eat junk too. But you won't, because what really bothers you isn't their health, it's how they look. If you're offended by fat then just look away! You don't get to have an opinion unless you're asked.

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"They deserve to be healthy", but not ALL fat people are UNhealthy. I happen to be fat...I also am healthy, but have debilitating RA (actually since I was a child, I'm only in my late 20's but have dealt with knee & hip dislocations, multiple surgeries to correct & nothing has helped), I eat healthy, but cannot always exercise like "normal" people, but I keep weight on because of stress & my disability.
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