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Stay Home Moms can also be Feminists! Find out here if this Applies to You.

by lpspi (follow)
Stay home moms can also be feminists! It’s true.

If you are a mother who stays home to care for your children, you may also be a feminist if:

• You make breakfast for your children while supporting the belief that women have the right to make fully-informed reproductive choices;

• You’ve sorted through laundry with the understanding that the popular media tends to portray an unrealistic and even unhealthy standard of how women should look;

• You often wake up early with your children rocking a conscious awareness of how unfair it is that men will often get paid more than women for doing the same work;

• You read bedtime stories and you also believe that wielding economic advantage over women in their own homes is domestic abusive and wrong;

• You’ve ever had to trouble-shoot a temper tantrum in public and you also believe that women are under-represented politically;

• You’ve changed about a million diapers and you’d absolutely defend any mother’s right to breastfeed her baby with or without a cover up;

• You know how to get gum out of hair from personal experience and you think that women have the right to feel safe walking down a city sidewalk;

• Your car has at least one variety of long-forgotten snack food hiding under the seats and you wholeheartedly agree that women should never be shamed or excluded because of their sexuality...

If this sounds like you, then I think it’s fair to assume that YES you are a stay at home mom, and YES You are ALSO a feminist!

After all, feminism isn’t about any particular FORM; you may be a business professional, a volunteer yoga instructor, an environmental activist, an enthusiastic armpit-shaver, a traditional fiddler, a STAY AT HOME MOM... It doesn’t matter! Anything goes when it comes to feminism BECAUSE:

Feminism is the heartfelt belief that womyn* are sovereign over their bodies and minds, and therefore have the right to make informed choices that affect their own bodies and minds in complete, unadulterated, and unhindered freedom.

a feminist alternate spelling of ‘women’
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Great article and I love the pictures!
Thanks for reading!
by lpspi
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