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Sex & Equality: Why Are We Fighting

by pippa (follow)
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In every relationship there is the power struggle, the money struggle, the food fights and the electricity bill to pay.

How are we expected to cope with all this, how do we win the battle of the sexes? Does equality even exist?

Some are willing to lay down and take it all, be pushed over and walked on, expected to cook and clean on their own.

This is not the way life should be! Are gender roles different from the 1920's? Do women still dominate the kitchen and vacuum the mess afterwards?

When will men realise this relationship is not an equal one. Why does the man own the home and the women raise the children?

Equality in the home is just as important as equality in the workplace. Children can be raised with the ideals that mum is a strong , practical, powerful and empowered being. Dad is not the only money maker, beating his head against a brick wall everyday to provide the money for the family to live on.

In the home, who does your washing up or clothes washing? I know who does mine. And s#@! ain't fair!

NEWSFLASH! Men Aren't Actually Useless

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"In every relationship there is the power struggle, the money struggle, the food fights." What incredible presumptuousness. There is no struggle in my relationship. My husband does more housework and nearly as much cooking as me. Didn't you know what your "man" was like before you married him? You are accountable for you own poor choice of a partner. Aren't you saying you are "empowered"? Don't try to seek support from some imaginary sisterhood.
"Winning" the battle of the sexes is an interesting concept. It immediately suggests there must be a winner and a loser. Expectations and boundaries should be easy to negotiate and agree on between adults, regardless of gender. Then there is no battle, and we are all equal with equal responsibilities and equal respect. In answer to your question - I don't cook or clean the kitchen, the adult males who live or stay here do that. Therefore they each wash their own dishes, and preparation dishes. I wash the dish my meal has been served in (unless I am feeling particularly kind and there are enough dishes to fill the dishwasher!!) In my 3 major relationships, I, the female, mother and wife have always been the main source of income, and still am. So am happy to have my meals cooked for me in return. It sounds as though you may need to re-structure your relationship. Good article as food for thought and reflection.
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