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Pros and Cons of Growing out your Pit Hair

by lpspi (follow)
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Pros and Cons of Growing out your Pit Hair

Women in Europe often go au natural in terms of armpits. But here in the States, there’s a certain taboo associated with a woman having visible underarm hair. However, with the popular rise of New Age culture and naturalism, pit hair is making a come back! If you found your way to this article, chances are you may be considering a follicular adjustment. Here are some pros and cons to consider!

The Pros:

• No more itchy armpit bumps!

• Ever wish you could just forget about shaving? Well now you can!

• Some people think it’s sexy. So might you!

• You get to fly the flag of feminism from your very armpit.

• It’s got to be there for a reason.

The Cons:

• You may have to field some snide remarks.

• It might make you feel self-conscious (especially during the transition period.)

• Armpit hair tends to cause some types of deodorant to clump.

• Certain styles of shirt or dress can cause awkward sprouting formations with longer pit hair.

• Folks may do double-takes during tank top season.

I’ve learned what I have about pit hair from personal experience with my armpits. I hope that this bullet list has helped you in your personal journey. For your armpits.

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I haven't shaved for several decades although I tend not to display it. I have enough strife my life without rude comments/stares from people who mean nothing to me. My father complained although he was not brought up to expect depilation (YES, this a word for removing/plucking hair!). My bae likes it - good enough for me.
Ha! Good for you!
by lpspi
I have experimented with growing mine out and I find it really funny how shocked people are by it, as if it even mattered. However, I find my pits get smellier if I don't shave, so usually I do.
It's funny, isn't it? Something so natural can be so jarring for some...
by lpspi
You didn't mention the biggest pro to having bushy pits; the lower risk of breast Cancer! Of course going along with that is NOT using deodorants with aluminum hydroxide as well. Why are these risks of breast cancer never mentioned?
Shaving pits should have got out of style with corsets, never to return!
The thing about anti-perspirants causing breast cancer has been debunked.
Hang on, just re-reading this, are you saying that shaving increases your risk of cancer? How? Citation needed.
I loved this article! But, It left me wondering what snide remarks you've received and how you handled them/what your comebacks were.
LOL Here are some prime examples of snide remarks: "It looks like a giant spider is attacking your armpit!" "...a full head of armpit hair, gross!" "Oh my God. Did you SEE that girl's ARMPITS? OH MY GOD!!"
by lpspi
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