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Love Is....

by HippieMamma (follow)
Love is a million things. It's not a fairytale but it is beautiful and messy, it's sticky and dribbly, it's funny and heart warming, it's simple and complicated.

I love noticing all the ways we love people. It's so unexpected. So I asked people what love is to them, there are some of my own too.

"Love is kissing your baby brother until he's sick in your mouth and still going back to kiss him again."
My daughter adores her baby brother, sometimes a little too much! I called this karma but she still goes back for more!

"Love is my fiance taking my top off while my nose was snotty, got snot on my forehead. Still wanted to get down to it."
True words.

"Love is my hubby sitting down to pee while I'm in the bath because the toilet is at the head end"

"I saw an example of love today at training... it was freezing especially the mats and my sister forgot her socks (we train bare foot but was so cold everyone was wearing socks) she was complaining of numb toes. Her husband our trainer (who'd been training for an hr before we all started) whipped off his smelly sweaty socks and offered them to her... she declined but I thought it was very sweet.. 20 years together and he's still happy to share his sweaty socks with her so that her feet don't get cold"

"Adam made me a coffee once and I said "oh it has a love heart on it" and he turned the cup around and said "nope, it's a bum"

"I was having a shower. John came in and was desperate for a shit...
I'm not saying any more. Still makes me gag thinking about it!"

"Its butterflies. Its not being able to wait to see someone and tell them anything and everything... Its wanting to fall asleep in someone's arms and wake up next to them every day. Its that strong burning feeling deep inside that you feel when you think of them... Its also putting up with all their shit cos of all of above lol...its either love or stupidity....there's a fine line lol"

"Love is - my kids.... I would die for them before anything happened to them."

source: wikimedia commons

"My children"

"My little girl! Would do absolutely anything for her"

"When you have your baby's poo on your face but you love the anyway."

" Love is sharing food!!! I NEVER share food!"

source: wikimedia commons

"Slobbery baby kisses. Poonami's."

"Night feeds, exhaustion, but the sweetest baby smiles at 3.30am. I don't get out of bed smiling for anybody else at that time"

"Kissing OH with bed breath. That is love....takes my strength not to force feed him a tube of toothpaste before hand!"

source: wikimedia commons

"Love is your husband helping with the 'pruning' when your baby bump is too big to see past!"

"love is cueing outside the Disney store at 6 am in the rain for a limited edition Tsum Tsum your daughter will love"

"Love is helping your other half change a clutch on the van whilst 6 months pregnant!"

" Love is tea"

"Love is tolerating my son farting in my face when I change his nappy, because he's so beautiful I can't be cross with him"

source: wikimedia commons

"Love is having your baby projectile vomit on you several times and still cuddling them with sick on you and them before you clean it up as they're scared"

"Those I care about ! My children , two- and four legged family members and special friends"

"Love is love, commitment, feelings, protection and doing something for someone from the heart, no paperwork needed"

I hope this has made you feel as fuzzy as it has me. All of these words are from the people I love.
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