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Hypnobirthing - Not just for homebirthers!

by lizzi (follow)
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Personally I just don’t get this misconception. Maybe it’s because I’ve had two hospital births and am planning a homebirth next time. But my personal opinion is that hypnobirthing is of greater benefit to women who are planning a hospital birth. ALERT – wild generalisations based on my own observations coming up: Women planning a homebirth tend to hold less fear, have a greater trust in the birth process and have done far more extensive research into pregnancy, birth, labour coping techniques and special circumstances. They also tend to feel better supported.

Lotus birth
Hypnobirthing Australia offers lots of tools for a peaceful, home water birth. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Don't get me wrong, Hypnobirthing Australia still has plenty of tools to offer the homebirther, but here’s what it has to offer the hospital birther:

It’s a FULL childbirth education course: Most hospital based childbirth education classes teach you how to be a “good patient” – what their policies are, what to bring to the hospital, what interventions you “will” have and all the different drugs that you can take. Hypnobirthing Australia gives you tools to help you to achieve an awesome and positive birth – whatever that looks like for you. You will learn about “normal” pregnancy and birth. Nutrition. How your hormones help you labour and how to optimise the release of the beneficial hormones. How to ensure that you have the right care provider for you. Your rights as a birthing woman. That’s before we even get to the actual hypnobirthing tools!

Hypnobirthing tools can help keep things calm and relaxed: And that means safer and more positive birthing for mum and bub! Going into hospital can be a scary experience – even when it’s for such a joyous occasion as the birth of a baby. You are placing yourself in an unfamiliar, noisy, brightly lit environment and that can hinder the release of all the awesome birthing hormones. A Hypnobirthing Australia course will give you a wide variety of tools to help make this transition calm and positive. Self hypnosis, visualisation, relaxation and breathing techniques are all designed to help maintain calm for mum and bub throughout the entire birthing journey.

Getting your preferences across: Communication is a HUGE part of achieving a positive pregnancy and birth. After you learn all about the physiology of birth, potential interventions and special circumstances and solidify your birth goals you need to communicate all that you have learned and would like for your pregnancy and birth. A Hypnobirthing Australia course will give you some awesome tips about putting together and communicating your birth plan, or preferences as we call them.

Positive pregnancy: Knowing that you are putting all these plans into place for an awesome birth you can spend your pregnancy relaxing about the actual birth! The course includes tips around maintaining a positive mindset, nutrition, exercise and bonding with your baby while still in the womb. All tips are designed to ensure that you are in the most relaxed and positive mindset when you go into labour.

Lotus birth
Hypnobirthing Australia also has HEAPS to offer those planning to birth in hospital! Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Add to this the fact that Hypnobirthing Australia was created to specifically cater to the Australian maternity care system, where most women birth in hospital, and it really makes sense. If you are an Australian woman, planning a hospital birth then the Hypnobirthing Australia program is a great addition to your antenatal care!


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