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Holiday - Sprout family style. Part 1 - the roadtrip

by lizzi (follow)
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The Sprout family loves a good holiday – especially some roadtripping and camping. So when I found out that there were some awesome professional conferences happening back to back in Brisbane we (well…I) decided that a family holiday just could be in order. Three days to travel down, three days to travel home again and a week of fun times in the middle.

Saturday morning rolled around and we managed to get the car loaded up. I put some leftover chips in the microwave to have for breakfast as I cleared out the fridge, packed toiletries and finished off some work. And before we knew it we were on the road. I commented to my partner: “Sometimes I wonder if going on holiday is worth all the stress!” and a second later Ms 3 broke into song “We’re going on a camping trip…we’re going on a camping trip” – yep it’s worth it! Approximately three seconds later I remembered that the chips were still sitting in the microwave so we headed back to get rid of them and THEN we were off.

We're off!!

After our first stop (McDonald’s 10mins up the road, don’t judge, I needed coffee!!) Ms 3 started to get VERY upset. She was bawling her eyes out “I want to go home! I miss my big house”. This went on for about half an hour. We managed to distract her with a chocolate frog and then it started again. Then we distracted her with helping daddy to pump some diesel and then it started again. Approximately every 45 mins all the way to Ayr.

Ms 3 helped daddy to “build the tent” and then we decided to check out the playground. I’ll be honest it was a bit piss poor (or…”it was a yucky paw paw” according to Ms 3 who, thankfully for the first time ever, misheard my comment!). We had “dinner” – cream cheese on rice cakes, frozen peas, crackers and beetroot dip. And then, in between running around, tried to get ready for bed. Chasing toddlers is one thing – chasing them around a campground in the dark is another. I managed to get them into the tent and into their pajamas all the while cursing the idiot who decided to camp with 2 toddlers.

Day two moved along in a pretty straight forward manner. Until we realised that we weren’t going to make it into Maryborough until quite late. Which didn’t really bother us as we were planning to stay with a friend – no camping, no setting up in the dark. We arrived in Rocky and rang our friend in Maryborough to advise when we should be expected – all was still good so we hit the road anticipating a late arrival. Only to get a call from our friend once we were 10 mins down the road saying that it might not be a good idea to keep going as we wouldn’t get there until close to 10. And he’d been called in to work the following day. So we were now too late to set up camp by the time we reached the next town. Blah. So we ended up staying in a nice motel in Gladstone. And it wasn’t too expensive. And Daddy Sprout ordered us all a nice breakfast. So it all worked out for the best – the universe always provides!

Day three was pretty good. We got away late, stopped regularly – for coffee, toilet and once for “petrol station chips”. Eventually, as usually happens, we made it to our final destination. The in law’s place. Just in time for afternoon tea! Mr 2 was a little crazy, climbing on everything and running around. Ms 3 made friends with the dog. I freaked out when I figured out that I needed to be up at about 5:30 the following morning.

Which is a very nice point to finish this part of our holiday story…Part 2 will start at 5:30am the following day. The day of the Hypnobirthing Australia Conference!

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How unashamedly self-indulgent.
Which part? Taking my family on holiday?
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