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Happy birthday to my best girl ever

by lizzi (follow)
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I love you baby daughter, I love you yes I do
I love you even more when you behave for me at the zoo
I love the way you jump around, how you love to sing and dance
I love it when you tell me that the wee goes in your pants
I love to see you play so nicely with your baby brother
When I see you give him a cuddle I am proud to be your mother
I love to play with you in the yard, in the sun
I love it as you yell, “I’m a gingerbread man! Run, mummy, run!!!”
I love it when we eat crackers together in the middle of the night
I love it better when we are done and you’re in bed tucked in tight
I love it when you help me to play candy crush
I love when you move so slowly when I am in a rush
I love it when you tell me what noise that animal makes
And when you inform me that “Grandpa no like snakes”
I always look forward to the shopping trips that we take
Because it means sharing with you muffins, coffee and a milkshake

Face painting
Muffins, coffee and milkshake with my best girl

I love it that you eat the capsicum before we reach the checkout line
I love it as we wait I have to listen to you whine
I love it when you fall asleep on the way home in the car
I love you so much Ellie, you are my best girl by far
“Hey mum your tummy is so wobbly and your legs and your arms”
Your innocent honesty is just one of your many charms
I love it when you tell me “I love you so much mummy”
And the look on your face as I told you that you used to live inside my tummy
I love that I no longer get to watch my favourite TV shows
Sssshh it’s a secret, but I’d much rather tickle your little toes!
I love it when you tell me “I want to come to bed and snuggle with you”
I love it when you yell “Where’s my potty? I need to poo!”
I love it when you run around with a bare bum
And, as I try to put undies on you, “I’m not your friend mum!”

Face painting
My babies holding hands

I love it when you hold your brother’s little hand
I love it when you play together in the yard in the sand
I love it when you push your brother down onto the floor
When you tell me “I’m a bad lion, mummy listen to me roar!”
I love the way you talk and I know it’s really crude
But I laughed my ass off when I first heard you say “For fuck’s sake baby dude!!”
I love that I have an audience when I go to wee
I’ve forgotten what it’s like to bath quietly
Happy birthday baby Ellie, happy birthday baby gator
It’s hard to believe we are here just 3 short years later
Happy birthday baby Ellie, I hope your day is fun
Happy birthday little gator, you are my little girl number one!

Face painted
My little girl number 1
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