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Gratitude challenge: U is for Uterus

by lizzi (follow)
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You know this one was so simple it was hard! Uterus was my very first thought, but then I thought it was too obvious.

But really - in the words of Ina May Gaskin "There is no organ quite like the uterus. Indeed, if men had such an organ they would brag about it - we should too."

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The uterus really is an amazing organ - babies live there for 40 weeks. It expands to over 50 times greater than its original size in order to accommodate the growing baby - how stretchy must it be?!

It lets the placenta implant in its top lining and facilitates the flow of blood through to the placenta and baby.

And when baby sends the signal that the time is right, the uterus contracts and expels the baby - all under the influence of pretty damn amazing hormones.

The uterus is cool and I am so grateful for mine - which has accommodated two babies for a total of 84 weeks and 2 days. Go uterus!

What is the gratitude challenge?
I set myself this challenge as a way of maintaining some mindfulness and gratitude, but also to help me take time each and every day to focus on my writing.

I would welcome anyone else who wants to join the challenge. The rules are simple: Start at a and work your way through to z. You must do one each day, include a photo and they must be at least 2 paragraphs - after all the idea is to work on your writing not just your gratefulness.

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"if men had such an organ they would brag about it" The ever-present undertone women vs men undermines your credibility.
Did you know that the uterus is made mainly of smooth muscle which is also found all around the body. Smooth muscle is not designed to cause the sensation on pain when contracting normally. So why does the first stage of labour sometimes cause pain? www.painfreelabour.blogspot.co.uk
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