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Are you happy to describe yourself as a feminist?

by VerityG (follow)
A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
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When first meeting people, are you happy to describe yourself as a feminist? Or do you feel that they might judge you negatively or think you are a crazy man-hater, so wait until you know them better before using the F-word?

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Top Answers
I have recently found myself hesitating before describing myself as a feminist. There are a lot of negative connotations to this label and when I'm first meeting people, I don't always want to have to explain and justify my beliefs. But this troubles me! I believe that it is right to be a feminist, I can't understand how anyone isn't a feminist.... so why am I not proud to introduce myself as one?
I have no issue letting people know that I am a feminist if it comes up in conversation - regardless of how long I've known them.
Too right! I am a feminist!

Its not usually something I'd mention, but I am a feminist and happy to be known as such.
Yes but if they baulk at that I politely inform them feminism isn't about hating anyone, it's about striving for equality which benefits everyone
While it is not the first thing I usually say after my name, should a conversation lead to any political or social issue it will come up fast and without hesitation. I don't have any compulsion to muzzle my standing on the issue of Feminism and in any situation I am proud to wear it.

Always and in ALL WAYS and if they fear THIS Butch DykeAmazon who takes up her space and advocates for womyn SO BE IT! I've been Feminist since tge age of 9 and believe with all my heart and soul women MUST take back their Powers Worldwide and make no compromise in rebalancing the World to assure ALL WOMYN HAVE FULL AUTONOMY, FEEDOM FROM.VIOLENCE, CHOICE ON HOW WE ENGAGE IN OUR SEXUALITIES AND WHETHER WE CHOOSE TO PROCREATE OR NOT and are not bought or sold as commodies with all the opportunities men take so for granted.
When it suits me, I find that some people take the term lightly and others to an extreme so I tend to find out sort of what people think to be a feminist before saying that I fit their idea of a woman who thinks all men should be culled instead of what I am a woman who believes in equality between men and women and think that views need to be altered to the modern day women - if we do the same work as a man in the same hours at the same place - we should be paid the same etc but I also believe in the vice versa; I guess you can call me an equalist?
Yes I am.
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