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7 slightly sarcastic DOs and DON’Ts for a healthy mumma freakout..*

by kdeve (follow)
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We’ve all been there…sleep deprived, stretched to the limit with testy child and distant husband, with too many hours to fill in the day, but not enough time to get everything done.

child and mum hug
wikimedia commons 'frustration

I quite honestly think sometimes it is better to let it out than hold all that tension in, so here are some do’s and don’ts for a liberating freakout..

DO Consider, where, how and in front of whom you are going to have your freakout. We don’t want to scare the neighbours or the local psychiatrists now, do we?!

DON’T Do a full freak out in front of a less than 2 year old…you will certainly, briefly, look strange and possibly frighten them with some weird facial and vocal movements.

Children this young have no concept of their actions being able to create such strong a reaction…save your energy and get an audience that will appreciate the crazy!

DO A little warm up before you freak out.. it will ruin your experience if you strain a muscle and then suffer unbearable pain for the remainder of the week

DON’T Don’t go over the top with your stretching, you might give away what is about to come next!

DO Extra relief will be felt if you twist your face into the most expressive, extreme positions possible, make sure your arms are floppy and your legs are ready…Start jumping, flopping and yowling in any way you choose.. become a temporary Tourette’s sufferer and release all that frustration. I guarantee, you will feel better and your outlook will be brighter.

DON’T Don’t forget to involve your children and make it fun at the end, give them a little shock and a good belly laugh and they will certainly feel better too.

child and mum hug
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DO Remember that this is supposed to be light hearted. Don’t take me too seriously, but remember to give yourself a way to release all the troubles little or large that you carry around…Of course you could always try yoga!

Not to be taken too seriously, because, quite frankly, who am I to tell you what to do and how on earth would I know your preferred method of freaking out!

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