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5 Tips to Beat the Postpartum Baby Blues

by mindandbodymama (follow)
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One of the most demanding times for a new mom is right after they come home from the hospital with their newest little arrival to the family. Hormones in flux, recovering physically and emotionally from labor and delivery, learning to breastfeed (both mother and baby), exhaustion, and dealing with fears and anxieties about being a good mom can take its toll on any mother if not dealt with in a healthy manner.

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Here are 5 tips I like to reveal to my clients at our postpartum wrap-up for defeating those baby blues:

1. Get Help

You're not a superhero and it's okay to ask for a little help. Ask a relative or friend to stop by to prepare a quick meal, clean, or watch the baby so you can take a bath. Don't have anyone in the immediate area? Considering hiring a postpartum doula. They generally charge by the hour and are trained to assist with whatever a mother needs so she can care for herself and her new baby.

2. Sign up for a Postpartum Fitness Class

After 6 weeks postpartum (8 weeks if you have a cesarean), it should be safe for you to take a postpartum fitness class with your doctor or midwife's approval. Not only will you get a much needed endorphin boost, but you can connect with other new moms in the area to avoid isolation which can be common with new moms.

3. Treat Yourself to Relaxation

Make sure to take time for yourself to do something special like get a massage or a pedicure. It doesn't have to break the bank . A quiet candle lit lavender epsom salt bath or an aromatherapy back rub from your partner can do wonders.

4. Get Outdoors

It can be easy to forget to step outside and get a breath of fresh air when you have a fragile little one. A little natural vitamin D production can increase serotonin levels reducing the chances of depression. Sunlight also helps set your internal clock so your more likely to get better rest at night time.

5. Try a Natural Remedy

Flower essences are rising in popularity and easily found at local health food stores. Mustard or sweet chestnut are both said to help combat depression.

Also try a cup of Herbal Tea- Chamomile and Lemon Balm are great for calming the nervous system. Red Raspberry leaf has nourishing properties and helps tone the uterus.


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